Facebook And Instagram Went Down

Look! Facebook and Instagram went down for almost 5 minutes today, February 22, 2018, around 7:00P.M. Philippine time. No one knows the reason yet, however, I'll be updating this blog anytime whenever I get official statement from the Facebook itself.



Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Releases New Enhanced Banknotes

The Central Bank of the Philippines releases last December 5, 2017 new generation of currency banknotes with enhanced design and security features. See the Images of the old and new banknotes below showcasing the new features:

For more detailed information about this news please refer to their official facebook page here and their official press release of this particular update here.

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Facebook Messenger Temporarily Stopped Working

Around 8:00 P.M. Today, December 5, 2017, Facebook Messenger has stopped working for almost an hour, and Facebook did confirmed it according to GMA News Online. The incident has cause a lot of rumors and panic to general public as the social media platform is flooded with complaints and questions to what really happened with their Messenger Apps. For now they are conducting an investigation and trying to resolve the problem, however, Messenger is back and functioning. And lets just wait for the official statement of Facebook Messenger on what was really the cause of the incident.

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PC Express Will Be Having Warehouse Clearance Sale

Good News for techies out there because PC Express will be having a Warehouse Clearance Sale this upcoming November 30 & December 1-3, 2017 in their branches in Shaw Boulevard and Pavilion Mall Laguna in which could save you up to 90%. How cool its that?!

To learn more about the details of this upcoming great sale please check out their official Facebook Event page here. Enjoy shopping!

The Best Free Office Suite 2017

It's undeniable that the best premium office productivity software in the market today is non other than the most familiar and user-friendly Microsoft Office. It has been installed to hundred of thousands of computer in home and offices worldwide. And it has been also evolve to several versions over time and even add-up more softwares and integrates more updates and fixes. But we will not tackling more about it rather we will be sharing to you the best free alternative office suites that almost work exactly the same as the premium one. It is absolutely free that will not spend you even a single penny in your pocket.

Please take note that we didn't include here free online office like MS Office Online and Google Docs in which obviously requires internet connectivity in order to access it. Without further ado, let's begin with the listing:

1. WPS Office Free 2016

You maybe wondering what does the acronym WPS means. Well "W" stands for Writer [Word for Microsoft], "P" stands for Presentation [PowerPoint for Microsoft], "S" stands for Spreadsheet [Excel for Microsoft]. If you notice unlike with Microsoft this office suite is comprised only of three main applications as mentioned earlier. But what make it stand to be the better alternative for Microsoft Office is that the user interface and functionality of it resemble almost the same to the latest version of the former or even better if you subscribed to its premium one. And compatibility issue isn't a big deal because it accepts all types of other office file extensions such as .odt, .doc, .docx, etc. The only little problem with the free version is that a five second ad appears every time you run any of the WPS Office applications. To learn more please visit their official page here. To download click here.

2. LibreOffice 5

LibreOffice is totally free and open source, available for everyone to use either for personal or commercial use, and no sponsored ads that pops up everytime you use it, however, you may donate financial support to the community that continue developing it here. The actual interface of this particular productivity software is almost resemble  to that of Microsoft Office 2003 if you're familiar with it, however, this office has a lot to offer and packed with lot of excellent functions in which make it to the second spot to be the better free alternative for Microsoft Office. Also, this office suite is comprised of other interesting applications such as the LibreOffice Draw, LibreOffice Math, LibreOffice  Impress and LibreOffice Base.  To learn more about this software click here. To download the software click here.

3. FreeOffice 4

FreeOffice 2016 is the free version of SoftMaker Office Suite, and is said to be the free alternative for Microsoft Office. It is available in Windows, Mac and Linux operating system users. Accordingly, it is free to use both for personal and commercial purposes. Like with WPS Office, this software is also composed of three main application, namely: word processor, spreadsheet and presentation. It is pretty much like Microsoft Office 2003, literally identical. To learn more about this software click here. To download the software click here.

4. Apache OpenOffice

OpenOffice is an open source office productivity software. It is the predecessor of LibreOffice that took the second spot of this listing. Also, this great piece of software is completely free to use in whatever purpose. Like the latter, it is also comprised with other useful application aside from work processing, spreadsheet and presentation. And to learn more about this office suite click here. To download the software click here.

7 Fiber Internet Providers In Metro Manila For SME, Speed and Prices

Good day guys! Its been a awhile since the last time I shared to you some interesting technology stuff. Today, it would be even more interesting one because I will be sharing several fiber internet providers in the metro for small and medium enterprises, its speed offering and prices.

Before we proceed, I will just state some disclaimer about this blog. Firstly, I wrote the listing randomly and in no particular order because personally I don't used all of their services in order to rate whose company had a better or bad service. Secondly, I am not affiliated to any of the company listed and definitely not even paid to feature their company and services on my blog. And lastly, I just did this in order to share some factual information in which I've researched and collected.

Therefore, lets begin with the listing...

1. SKYBIZ: SME Connect Plus Plans

SME Connect Plan     Monthly Payment     Download Speed     Lock In Period
10 MBPS                      4,499.00                      UP TO 10 MBPS     24 MONTHS
15 MBPS                      10,499.00                    UP TO 15 MBPS     18 MONTHS
25 MBPS                      15,999.00                    UP TO 25 MBPS     18 MONTHS
50 MBPS                      24,999.00                    UP TO 50 MBPS     18 MONTHS

The plans above were all included with free 1 Static IP and free modem deposit.

For more information please hit the link

2. CONVERGE: iBiz 

Plan                         Burst Speed               Monthly Fee     One Time Charge
IBIZ 10 MBPS        UP TO 10 MBPS        4,000.00            5,000.00
IBIZ 20 MBPS        UP TO 20 MBPS        6,000.00            3,000.00
IBIZ 30 MBPS        UP TO 30 MBPS        9,000.00            2,000.00
IBIZ 40 MBPS        UP TO 40 MBPS        12,000.00          2,000.00
IBIZ 50 MBPS        UP TO 50 MBPS        15,000.00          WAIVED

The plans above were VAT exclusive of 12%. And with 30% minimum speed at 80% reliability.

For more information please hit the link


Plan                        Burst Speed                 Monthly Fee       Installation Fee
10 MBPS                UP TO 10 MBPS          9,000.00              5,000.00
20 MBPS                UP TO 20 MBPS         12,000.00             5,000.00
30 MBPS                UP TO 30 MBPS         14,000.00             5,000.00
60 MBPS                UP TO 60 MBPS         17,000.00             5,000.00
100 MBPS              UP TO 100 MBPS       24,000.00             5,000.00

The plans above were all included with 5 Static IP and other freebies. And VAT exclusive of 12%.

For more information please hit the link

4. NOW NETWORK: Fiber Air for Business

This provider offer bandwidth connection of up to 700 mbps.

For more information please hit the link

5. RISE: SME Fiber

Plan                       Burst Speed                  Monthly Fee          
FIBER 50              50 MBPS                       10,000.00

The plan above isn't included with the plug and play modem, to avail it additional fee may be required.

For more information please hit the link


Plan                          Burst Speed                Monthly Fee
FIBRBIZ 100           UP TO 100 MBPS       6,500.00
FIBRBIZ 200           UP TO 200 MBPS
FIBRBIZ 300           UP TO 300 MBPS

The plans above were all included with 1 free static ip and landline.

For more information please hit the link

7. GLOBE myBUSINESS: Fiber Business Premium

Plan                    Burst Speed              Monthly Fee            Data Allowance
10 MBPS            UP TO 10 MBPS     2,999.00                    50 GB
15 MBPS            UP TO 15 MBPS     3,299.00                    50 GB
50 MBPS            UP TO 50 MBPS     3,599.00
100 MBPS          UP TO 100 MBPS   4,499.00
200 MBPS          UP TO 200 MBPS   6,499.00
500 MBPS          UP TO 500 MBPS   8,999.00
1 GBPS               UP TO 1 GBPS       11,499.00

The plans above were all included with 1 free static IP and unlimited Globe to Globe Calls.

For more information please hit the link