Guide On How To Transfer PayMaya To GCash

Make sure that you have PayMaya App installed in your smartphone then Log-In to your account.

Click Transfer then choose GCash in the Select Bank drop-down option.

Input recipient details: Account Number or Registered GCash Number; Complete Name; Recipient's Contact Number; and the Purpose of Transfer then press Continue.

A confirmation page will appear to ensure the correctness of the information provided. Once it is verified then press the Send button.

Once successful a confirmatory text message will be sent to both sender and receiver.

Worried About Internet Bills? Here's What PLDT, Converge ICT, and Others Said...

During this Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) many of the small businesses like computer shop and pisonet as well as workers in different companies are suddenly stop to operate and work thus no have income and salaries to pay for their internet subscriptions or bills. But don't worry guys because these telecommunication and broadband companies offer moratorium such as payment extension and installment scheme for their customers who are not capable of paying their bills during this tough times. Look at their official statements below...








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10 Compelling Reasons Why Children Shouldn't Use Smartphone

Here in the Philippines, it's very common for children to have any sort of gadgets where they can watch videos on YouTube or play various games. Even small kids or babies had been so exposed to it. We know the benefits of smart phone technology to parents and to children but we must also be aware that it has also numerous negative impact to children, and mostly were so serious that parent would not even think possible.

As a tech blogger, I am so concerned to these children and at the same time so sad to parents who were not aware and concern about the devastation it can bring to their beloved kids.

That's why in this article I will share my thoughts based on my experiences, observation and research. Without further ado, the foregoing are my top ten convincing reasons why children should not have any kind of smart phone devices especially if they using it alone.

1. Children might tend to watch pornographic materials online

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Parents out there, I know it's hard to believe but this is the truth. There were hundreds or even a thousand pornographic websites on the internet ready to be watched and viewed by your poor children. Even they don't intentionally search it, sometimes it suddenly appears or popup, so be aware. Not unless you put restrictions on your internet settings that totally blocked pornographic media and related sites.

2. Children might be addicted to any online games

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Don't underestimate the devastating effects to children in getting addicted to online games because you will regret later if you do so. An addicted gamer played longer time thus they forget to eat in time, become lazy in doing house chores, and even affects seriously their schooling. So be very careful in giving your children such gadgets and devices because it might ruin your children's life very early. And here's another thing, it can also lead children into stealing money from their parents to buy game credits.

3. Children might be a victim of online pornography and child sexual exploitation

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The growth of internet and advancement of smart phone technology led to the boom of child pornography. Child exploitation images are readily available throughout world-wide-web, including social media, video and photo sharing site, gaming devices and mobile applications. Therefore, if you don't protect your children they may fall victim of child pornography offenders.

4. Children might be hooked to social networking sites and get less sleep

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5. Children surely exposed to too much radiation and get severe sickness in the future

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The obvious health problem that may occur due to extreme mobile phone radiation would be headache and brain tumors. To prevent this from happening, parents must take action now, limit or prohibit them from using gadgets excessively. 

6. Children might become spoiled and affect their personal character and become aggressive

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7. Parents will be having hard time controlling and disciplining their children

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8. Children might affect their physical and mental development

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9. Children might feed with fake information and violent images online

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10. Parent will become negligent and irresponsible to their children

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Check-Out the New Facebook

Facebook has just invited me to try the new Facebook theme today, April 11, 2020. And when I click the "try" button I was amazed of the new Facebook template or theme and it can also change into dark and light mode. Look and click at the image to see the full view...

Profile Dark Mode

Home Dark Mode

Home Light Mode

By the way, if ever you don't like the new theme you can just always switch back to the classic theme.

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DOLE-NCR Created a Website Showing Companies that Granted with COVID-19 Cash Assistance

Did your business or Company file application for DOLE 5,000 Pesos Cash Assistance for employees affected by COVID-19? If so, then you have to read it guys!

In April 10, 2020, DOLE-NCR launched a particular website showing the list of all business establishments granted with the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program or simply called CAMP. All you have to do is just visit this website CAMP and do search the name of the establishment then instantly you will see it or you can also do manual scrolling to check it one-by-one.

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OLX and Carousell Merged

Two of the biggest online marketplace, the OLX and Carousell, merges together under to become the giant online marketplace in the Philippines today with more than six million product listings.

They recently announced that on July 15, 2019 both OLX and Carousell will be officially become one platform wherein everyone, buyers and seller, will have to enjoy.

To know more about this exciting news please refer to their official webiste here "Carousell".

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"Angkas" Releases New Design of Rider Vest

As we all know "Angkas" is the most popular single motor taxi  in the Philippines particularly in the Metro Manila area releases new and unique rider vest earlier today as shown in the news embedded below...

It featured the huge logo of the company and beneath to it is the registered ID number of the rider. And in front also featured the ID number of the rider atop to it is the Philippines flag with ID holder in the right side. However, the unique part of the vest is that it has a side strap where the Angkas supposed to hold.

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