ABS-CBN Mobile To Terminate Their Service Soon

ABS-CBN Mobile will end all their services on the first week of December this year as it expires their contract with Globe in which they turned down the renewal due to financial sustainability issues. In relation to this the following are the schedule of termination:

Loading of prepaid SIMs via load card
Until October 22, 2018
Availing of prepaid promo SKUs via USSD (*128#)
Until October 22, 2018
Availing of prepaid SKUs via text conversion and availing of postpaid add-ons
Until October 24, 2018
Loading of prepaid SIMs via electronic load or AMAX
Until October 25, 2018
Availability of call, text, and internet services
Until November 30, 2018
End of all services
December 1, 2018 onward
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Warning In Using Contact Less Payment Cards

I just got concern to everyone using the technology of using Contact Less Payment Cards because it might get you scam. Since it is wireless and need no key pass to complete payment transactions your card might ran-out of value because it is being spend without your knowledge. So that you will understand what I am talking about please watch this video:

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Coca-Cola Released "Coke Clear" In Japan

According to Esquire Philippines, Kotaku and Mynavi Japan, Coca-Cola Clear is about to be release in June 11, 2018 which was five days ago after I saw it in my Facebook friend's post, Sir Felipe, who's currently in Japan dating June 15, 2018. When the first time I saw the picture I didn't believe it I thought it was just a joke but it's not. So I begin searching about it online.

And here's what I've found, this particular version of coca-cola called "Clear Coke" is zero calorie with a splash of lemon. And it's only available in Japan at the moment. However according to Sir Felipe that the said Clear Coke is a legitimate Coca-Cola product in which taste like Sprite without a tingling in it and it's sweet.

Take a look of the picture below of Sir Felipe holding the actual Coca-Cola Clear in Japan.

Owned By Felipe Briana
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Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In The Philippines 2018

Of all of the Online Games available today in the Philippines which do you think did secure a place as one of the top 10 most popular in the second quarter of this year among Filipino avid gamers. I know you're getting excited now but before you scroll down to actually see the whole thing you must understand that this particular listing is based on the poll we just did in the Facebook group page called "Internet Shop Owners of the Philippines" wherein this particular group has more than fifty thousand members.

This article has no other intention but to know and eventually share to the online gaming community who really rules in online gaming in the country. Without further ado let's take a look below of the top 10 most popular computer online games:

1. ROS (Rules of Survival). 

This phenomenal game claimed to have 150 million solid players worldwide and they also ranked number 1 in game download charts in 55 countries. For sure Filipinos is part of this huge number wherein it is evident in the poll results with 150+ individuals voted indicating that this is the most popular one. You can download the game in this link >>Rules of Survival<<

2. LOL (League of Legends).

This particular game is an all time favorite by Garena and Riot Games. Who don't know this game? I doubt no one because before you even played the games in spot number 1 and 3 for sure you get addicted once to this online game. You can download the game in the link provided >>League of Legends<<

3. Dota 2.

It is said to be the most-played game on Steam. With also a million players worldwide everyday it is no wonder that it took the third spot as the most popular online games in the Philippines. You can download this game thru this link >>Dota 2<<

4. Crossfire 2.0

This FPS online game is another all-time favorite of every Filipino online gamer specially to kids and teenagers and some young adults. This great online game is brought to us by GameClub for quite a long time now, so  it's an old school game that so love by every gamers in the Philippines. And before it becomes Crossfire 2.0 it's well known as Crossfire PH. You can download this game here >>Crossfire 2.0<<

5. Roblox.

Surprisingly, many Filipino kids and teenagers like this online game so much. That's why it is no wonder it did manage to secure a reasonable spot in this listing as one of the most popular online games in the Philippines. For those who don't know about this game, this great child-friendly online game that let you create and imagine in 3D platform will make you and your friends enjoy. To learn more and download this game please click the link provided >>Roblox<<

6. Special Force 1.

Here's another great old-school FPS online game, and until now quite a number of Filipino gamers still played it. It was promoted by LevelUp before but today is now under PlayPark. If you want to try this game, you can download it here >>>SpecialForce1<<

7. PUBG (Player Unknown's Battleground).

Player Unknown's Battleground or known as PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game. It's somewhat like ROS however with much better graphics but this online game is not free and requires higher computer specs. Somehow many middle class to rich Filipino gamers played it that's why it get to the seventh place because first and foremost they can afford it. To learn more about this new game you may click the link provided >>PUBG<<

8. Minecraft.

Here's another kids-friendly game called Minecraft. Basically this particular online game is about placing blocks and going on adventures. Many Filipino kids get hooked to this game, they've got excited and seemed to be enjoying together with their friends. That is why it's widely voted by Filipino gamers. Click the link provided to learn more about the game >>Minecraft<<

9. PointBlank PH Garena.

PointBlank PH is another online tactical FPS game by Garena Philippines. Unlike with its competitor, Crossfire 2.0 and Special Force 1, this game position only second-to-the-last but still preferred to be played by many Pinoy gamers. Click the link to see the game's official website >>PointBlankPH<<

10. Ran World/Ran Online GS.

Ran Online GS also known as Ran World is no surprise to be included in the list as one of the most popular online game in the Philippines because many gamer still played it although its been operated now by foreign. It's also one of the oldest online game in the Philippines, and to learn more about this game please visit their official website in the link provided >>RanWorld<<

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LTO Launches Online Appointment System

The Land Transport Office (LTO) launches today, April 26, 2018, the Online Application System for both Driver's License Renewal and  Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal. Accordingly, the system is currently servicing the following locations: Marikina, Novaliches, Pasig, Muntinlupa and LTO Central wherein they could save an hour compared to the walk-in process. The contractor also told in an interview of a certain TV network that they will be aloting a dedicated teller to handle online applications.

To those who want to apply online please click the link here, and fill-up the appropriate application form. And to learn more about this matter please refer to this links: UNTVNEWS, NEWS5EVERYWHERE, and LTO.

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New Version of Nvidia GT 1030 Video Card Was Released

Several graphic's card manufacturer like MSI, Gigabyte and Palit had been spotted releasing another brand new version of NVIDIA GT 1030 from its usual DDR5 memory type, now it's downgraded into DDR4. Based on my investigation, I found out that the newer version is lower in memory clock speed and lower in power consumption, and the rest of the specifications were almost the same. But many rumors scattered throughout technology online communities that this particular version is said to be much cheaper, however as of the moment no official price yet is being release. To see it in your eyes please check the comparison of the different versions of GT 1030 below:

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